Submitter: Vincent Cordrey

Route Name: RC#5 Rick's Cheesesteak Shop
Distance: 43.6 miles
Route Link:
Start Location: Rick's Cheesesteak Shop
Ride Report:

Ride Date: 5/22/20 I completed this route over two days since on the first day, I got rained out and managed to get the trike packed into the car just as the light sprinkles turned to heavy rain. ——— I opened the ride with a picture of Ricks with his truck parked in the lot in front of the shop. The ride rolls down the Colonial Parkway after heading south from the shop. While it was a bit grey, the Parkway still manages to serve up beautiful views in exchange for the challenge of rattling along it. Being closed to traffic, I took a picture from the left side of the road where a cyclist could never stop for a picture. ——— After picking up the Virginia Capital Trail and following it to the High School, I worked my way out onto John Tyler Highway. The beginning of that afternoon’s rain sent me straight back to the car. I did the second half of the ride the next day. ——— Starting again from Ricks, I headed straight for the High School and where I had left off and picked up the route. I was rewarded by wildflowers at the entrance to Freedom Park. After a brief stop at the park, it was on around the top and back through the Warhill Sports Complex. Warhill Trail has a lovely pond just south of the complex, something I did not notice the last time I took the route. ——— The path back on Longhill Road and Longhill Loop does have a bit of traffic, but folks were being very patient. Overall, the Cheese Steak route takes you on a loop through four amazing areas and throws in a couple of miles on the Capital Trail for good measure. To do it again, I would not choose the Colonial Parkway, and would head down a different path to the Settlement.