Submitter: Vincent Cordrey

Route Name: Dare to Ride (from Route Book)
Distance: 30.3 miles
Route Link:
Start Location: York Hall Yorktown
Ride Report:

Ride Date: 5/25/20 Dare to Ride. There’s a built-in joke to make you smile in this one. ——— Yorktown Courthouse is a good place to start this ride, it’s much easier to park there rather than in the beach / waterfront lot near the historic area. Once you’re rolling it starts out like the Fine and Dandy ride heading out to Dandy Point Loop. After you stop for a couple of pictures on the south and east parts of the loop, save yourself the bad tarmac with lots of potholes on the northern half of Dandy Loop by turning right onto Middle Rd. ——— On the way out, I spied what could have been a land relative of the Loch Ness Monster but was even more delightful. Three geese were quietly grazing in a grass field. ——— The joke is that there are two Dare roads and they come together! So, I speculate that the club member(s) who named this route saw 2 Dares and called it “Dare to.” After the loop around the two Dare roads, and encounter the Dare Market for the second time, you head down to Seaford. It’s hard to miss the Seaford Market. On the way back up from Holly Point, there is a lovely fountain along Link Rd. ——— Being Memorial Day, there were signs and remembrances of our fallen heroes. ——— Dare to Ride makes a pleasant outing on quiet roads. It is long enough to match the typical 30 mile length of most club rides and has rewarding views along the way.