Submitter: Vincent Cordrey

Route Name: Alewerks Pub Ride 25.6 miles
Distance: 25.6 miles
Route Link:
Start Location: Alewerks Brewery
Ride Report:

Ride Date: 5/27/20 The Alewerks Pub Ride overlaps the Croaker 7E and 7B routes, but starts and finishes much closer to Williamsburg and at a nice pub! It also adds the segment along Waller Mill Park making for a scenic trip. ——— On a Wednesday morning I headed out down Mooretown Rd. to put in some miles. When I got to Waller Mill Bike Path, the green moss carpet on the sides of the trail made stopping for a Middle Earth photo a moral imperative. The trees arcing over the path and glowing green with the fresh leaves of spring would have looked right at home in any Tolkien tale. I was already smiling and the route had just begun. ——— As usual, the segment along Rochambeau Dr. is somewhat tricky, but the drivers were very courteous and patient. Turning north onto Fenton Mill quickly puts traffic worries behind you and it becomes wheels and wind flying along a wooded stretch of unmarked tarmac. ——— Right where Fenton Mill widens slightly and picks up a double yellow center line, there is a curious bystander—a red fire hydrant just off the road, not near any houses stands watch, waiting until he is needed. ——— After a stop at York River Park for water and rest, the view of Barlows Pond along Newman Rd right before KOA hill was one I had never stopped at before. Normally, I go flying by in the other direction using the momentum from the descent to carry me part way back up the other side. But the day seemed slower and the blue skies invited a photo. ——— Coming back through Waller Mill Park, I was stopped at the entrance to the park resting and getting ready to take a photo when I spied someone walking up to the open shackle of the gate. She asked me if I had been on the trail and if it was clear. It turns out I had the pleasure of meeting Patty McGrath, the ranger who keeps Waller Mill trail clean! I thanked her on behalf of all of us cyclists and we chatted for a while before I headed on my way back to Alewerks. ——— It was a lovely day to be out, and I was surprised at how much different the loop looked when run in the clockwise direction. I agree—it is one of my favorite routes, too.